Whoa!  Where did November go?

We had a crazy month!  Matt went to a solar class in Los Angeles, I went to Africa for 3 weeks on a trip of a lifetime (more on that later) and we lost our beloved ranch mascot Angus.  It was a roller coaster of emotions.  I'm still processing the grief over losing my baby (5 years old!) to bone cancer.  Life does indeed go on, but it will certainly look different now.

Enough about sadness, let's get thankful.

The weather has been very mild, thankfully!  We have been able to get a number of outside projects completed.  The biggie....our upstairs is now completely closed it.  YAY.  This should take care of the leaking we had last winter due to the temporary roof.  It should also cut down on the drafts inside since the barn aisle no longer serves as a wind tunnel.  This is a huge deal and will allow us to work on our living space over the winter.  I had hoped we would be living upstairs by Yule but it just didn't happen.

We also got a shelter up for the horses.  Another big deal.  I have been feeling lots of guilt because they had no place to get out of the weather for the past four winters.  Well guess what?  They still stand outside in the rain and wind!  Oh well, at least I worry less knowing they *can* get out of it if they want to!

The hay barn did not progress at all.  SIGH.  We just ran out of time and money.  Other things were a priority.  Luckily though, our neighbor had a barn she wasn't using so we were able to buy all our hay for the winter and store it there.  This makes me also sleep better.  In other years, we have bought as much as we could store here and replaced it when we ran out.  That created an issue last January when my income stream stopped for an entire month.  It caused me a lot of worry (again - see a theme here?) not having all the food I needed for my critters.

Litha found the most amazing home!  I was so pleased to be contacted by the perfect owner for my precious baby Friesian.  She left mid-November for her new home in South Idaho.  I'm thrilled she is close by and I can visit her sometimes.  I'm beyond thrilled at seeing how much her new mom loves and cherishes her.  Breeding horses is hard, you lose control of that foal's destiny once it leaves your farm.  I've had some less than perfect luck and some great homes.  This one is the latter!

I got to go to AFRICA.  This trip was a bucket list item for me.  After nearly a year of planning - I took off on November 16 for the great continent of Africa.  I spent three weeks exploring Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania.  The goal was to try out my growing photography skills.  It was such a blast.  I took over 1000 pictures, got super close to a silverback gorilla, lions, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes,  I am still working through all the pictures but will be offering a few of them for sale in the future.

As I look back on this year - it's been a trial.  With all the work we had to do both with Home and Ranch Solar and the farm.  Then struggling with Angus's health diagnosis and treatment, followed by his untimely death.  I can't say I'm not glad to see 2019 in the rearview mirror.  But when I take time to reflect on all we did accomplish, the memories we made, and the progress toward our future - it's ok.  Every year we make a lot of progress on the homestead.  I think 2020 is going to be stellar.  We have some really fun things in the works - so stay tuned!


phone pics may 2015 421

In Memory of Angus the Super Puppy.

Forever in my HEART

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