Maximus (Feike x Bonne)

Max is a 2012 foal from our Ster Champion mare JW Lalique.  He is smart, funny, and very athletic.  Max has a kind disposition and has developed into quite a hunk.  He has a fantastic trot with lots of suspension and power.  Max is brave, kind, and willing.  We are very excited to see this boy grow up.

Calypso (Pandora x Austin)

Calypso knew he was special from about 30 minutes old.  He is our first Gypsian and boy oh boy!  We were breeding for color, athleticsm, and fantastic disposition and we hit this one out of the park!  Calypso came into the world on April 3, 2016.  He has confidence, color, and the WOW factor.  We are hoping to repeat this cross for a nice driving pair.  In the meantime - he is just a lot of fun to have around.