Pasture raised meat

Reserve your lamb now!

We have delicious and nutritious pasture raised meat for sale.  Our lamb is 100% pasture raised with lots of fresh air and clean water.  We allow our lambs to mature to 1 year old to give the meat time to become nutrient dense and delicately flavored.  All meat is cut to order by the processor.   Price is $9/lb cut and wrapped - average weight post processing is 45-50lb. You pick up from the processor. We use C&L Locker in Moscow, Idaho.

Lamb - whole or half, cut to order - next butcher date is June 2021 - we have 3 lambs for sale.

Mutton - call for availability


Black Welsh Mountain Sheep is known as the 'prime rib' of mutton.  Mild flavor, perfect balance of fat to lean meat, and oh so tender!  Once you go BWMS you'll never go back!

lamb shank