Heritage Breed Addiction

That's right folks! Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery. So here it is....I have a serious addiction to heritage livestock breeds. Why? There are lots of reasons. I love rare breeds of animals - which is why I dedicated much of my adult life to protecting and conserving rare wildlife species. With a big shift in my life and my career, I now find myself applying that same passion to rare livestock breeds. I'm so in love with my little black sheep. They just make me happy by existing. I initially got these sheep because I wanted a small fiber flock for my own uses. Like many things, owning sheep bloomed into something more than just a small effort. We are now up to nearly 50 Black Welsh Mountain Sheep and are actively contributing to the conservation of this awesome breed. I love spinning their fiber and making beautiful things with it. But.......I have been getting really interested in natural plant based dyes. It's hard to experiment with black fleece! Enter Clun Forest Sheep!

clun ewes

I have also been really interested in making sheep's milk cheese. Clun Forest sheep are often used for dairy, BWMS are little Holsteins. So I've been toying with the idea of crossing the two to see if I get more and richer milk. That is a work in process for sure! Next year we will be offering roving, meat and possibly some cheese from our new venture. Stay tuned.