Our Boys

Our farm is home to some exceptional Black Welsh Mountain rams.  We have four breeding rams from four different bloodlines and three genetic clusters.  We are dedicated to the conservation and betterment of this breed so we carefully plan our matches each year.  We are fortunate to work closely with other breeders in the US and Canada to swap rams in order to increase genetic diversity of our flock.  We are working on some very exciting things right now so stay tuned!

Thorin was our original ram that we acquired as a lamb.  He is now a big handsome ram who has sired two crops of lambs.  We are working with a breeder on the East Coast to trade Thorin for one of her rams from a different bloodline.

Bard is our token wether who was originally purchased as a companion for Thorin.  Now that our breeding program has grown to include four adult rams, they are able to live together in a bachelor flock.  Bard is now a companion for the ewes and is our official baby sitter when we wean our lambs.