An adventure in sustainable living.

Come along on our journey

Nestled at the foot of Lone Jack Mountain, with stunning views of the Palouse, lies a farm. Solar panels power the house, barns, and well. Ponds provide water for livestock and wildlife. Happy animals graze in green pastures. This is Feathered Horses Farm. We started with bare ground in 2015 and have built everything ourselves. Come along on our journey by following my blog.

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Our Critters

Heritage Sheep

We raise two rare breeds of heritage sheep originating from Wales. Both breeds are multi-purpose and may be utilized for wool, meat and even dairy!

Fancy Horses

Friesians and Gyspy Vanners have feathered feet – this is where our farm gets its name. Although we are downsizing our herd, we still have feathered horses for you to visit.

Livestock Guardians

A few years ago we added a rare breed of dog to the farm. Karakachans are from Bulgaria and were bred to guard sheep. We have a breeding pair and will have puppies for sale.

Upcoming Events