Livestock Guardian Dogs

The Karakachan dog is a breed that originated from Bulgaria. It is related to the livestock guardian dogs of the surrounding countries: Romania to the north, North Macedonia and Serbia to the west, and Greece, and Turkey to the south. The dog is named after the Karakachans, Greek nomadic shepherds.

About our dogs

After a few years with sheep on the farm, we decided to add livestock guardian dogs. Coyotes in this area are plentiful and we have the occasional bear, cougar or wolf. It was essential that our LGDs were able to co-exist with the house dogs and the herding dog. We researched rare breeds in the US and found Karakachans. Their temperament and size were ideal for our farm. We purchased Zarra in 2019 and Paznic in 2021. We have not bred them yet but are planning a few litters in the near future. Check back or contact us for information.