About Us


Our Vision

We want to provide our customers with high quality products – whether it be a Friesian foal, a fleece, or a share in our Community Supported Agriculture program.  It is our goal to make you feel like a part of our family.  It is also our goal to provide quality products in an environmentally and morally responsible way.

Our Story

Hi!  I’m Stefani!  My husband Matt and I began our journey to sustainable farming in a small southeastern Idaho town.  We both grew up farming, but left home and went different directions to pursue our individual passions.  Many years later, we found each other again and decided to leave our busy city lives behind for our home state of Idaho.  We wanted a simpler, quieter life with time to enjoy hiking, camping, fishing and skiing.  Our passion is healthy living – and in our search for sustainably produced food we realized that other people wanted this too.  After taking a Sustainable Agriculture course through our local Univeristy Extension office and Rural Roots (www.ruralroots.org) we saw our future.  We bought 50 acres of bare land and began to build Feathered Horses Farm.

Meet the Team

Stefani grew up in the small town of Salmon, Idaho.  She spent most of her free time out riding in the hills on her horse.  Stefani attended Texas A&M University and received a Master’s Degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences.  She had a 20 year career in the Southeastern USA and the Caribbean working on waterbird conservation issues.  She is an avid gardener and is very excited about the potential of Feathered Horses Farm.

Matt grew up in the even smaller town of Lemhi, Idaho.  He was a ranch kid with a love for anything motorized.  Matt spent his free time riding around the hills on his dirt bikes.  He left Salmon to start a successful business in Boise selling snowmobiles.  Matt spent 20 years racing snowmobiles, motorcycles, and becoming one of the best known tuners in the country.  He later relocated to Salt Lake City and founded Salt Lake Motorsports – one of the premier Ducati dealerships in the country.  Matt spent time with the KTM Red Bull Dakar Rally team as a mechanic and was with the team in Africa three years in a row.

Angus was born in the Fort Worth, Texas area.  He had a large family with three brothers and three sisters.  Matt and Stefani were lucky enough to be chosen for Angus.  They picked him up in Denver, CO and brought him home to the farm.  He loves being a farm dog!  Angus entertains us daily with his silly antics.  Sadly, Angus lost his battle with osteosarcoma in November 2019.

Follow him on Facebook at Angus the Super Puppy (https://www.facebook.com/angusthesuperpuppy/)